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Le projet Hardcore a été initié et rendu possible par un groupe de vétérans passionnés et de passionnés de l’industrie du jeu vidéo.

Dennis Mendel

Co-Founder Strictly Limited Games

Benedict Braitsch

Co-Founder Strictly Limited Games

Mikael Kalms

Programming-Ace and member of DICE from 1998 – 2015, CTO of Fall Damage Studio

Fredrik Liljegren

One of the 4 Founders of DICE

Matt Phillips

Mega Drive mastermind and programming-ace, currently developing his own game Tanglewood from Big Evil Corporation

Matthew Gambrell

Porting-Expert, former member of Renegade Kid

Gerhard Weihrauch

Game/LevelDesigner – Video Game Footage Archivist – Project Admin @ World of Longplays

Joakim Wejdemar

Designer/Art Lead at DICE from 1993-2000 and Founder/President of Valkyrie Entertainent

Steve Snake

Emulation and retro games expert