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Who is Strictly Limited Games?

Strictly Limited Games is a publishing label which was founded in 2017.
We publish great games for PS4, PS Vita and Nintendo Switch, which have only been available digitally until then, in a physical box.
While digital downloads are a great way to jump right into a game, we think that games in a box are an amazing thing that will never die.

You can unwrap your game, feel it, store it on your shelf, gift it, sell it, smell it!

Great games deserve a physical edition and we do our best to let it become real.

Digital downloads are the future.
Physical editions are timeless.

Previously Released Games

Our Mission

We believe that video games are a form of art and should be valued as such. Imagine, a game like Hardcore being lost forever. Hardcore is a part of video game history and a part of one of the biggest video game developer studios on the planet. Still, the game was thought to be lost for more than 20 years.

This shows, that preservation of video games has become more important than ever. With the strong increase in games that are only available digitally, we run the risk of permanently losing these games one day, when one of the big platforms shuts down its servers and stops supporting the platforms of the past.

Our mission is to preserve video games for our current and for future generations. From publishing digital-only titles in a physical box to searching and restoring old treasures that would otherwise be lost – we will shape the future through the past!