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Publisher: Strictly Limited Games

Developer: Strictly Limited Games (orig. developed by Digital Illusions 1993 – 1995)

Physical Pre-Order: 28/04/2019

Digital Release: June 2020 (by ININ Games)

SLG Release Number: #21

Platform: Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS Vita (digital), more…?


  • An important piece of video game history (Original title: Hardcore)
  • Originally developed for Sega Mega Drive / Genesis, Sega Mega-CD and Commodore Amiga
  • Bug fixes and improvements to boss mechanics
  • Improved and optimized for modern consoles
  • Run and shoot through five large stages with tons of secrets to discover
  • Collect and upgrade various weapons to use against your enemies
  • TWO hardcore soundtracks to choose from. The original soundtrack from the 90s and a brand new synthwave / electronic soundtrack with more than 20 full-length tracks of some of the genres most talented artists such as Scandroid, Mega Drive, Waveshaper, Fury Weekend, 3Force and many others!

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The Soundtrack

Soundtrack Website

The original soundtrack of Hardcore contains 18 tracks and 3 snippets, making it a total of 21 tracks. While this background score already perfectly fits the game’s tone and 90s style, we wanted to take it to a whole new level and make it even more awesome by adding a completely new soundtrack!

In the menu of the game you can choose between the original soundtrack and a whole new retro / synthwave soundtrack with an additional playtime of about 1:30 hours and tracks by Scandroid, Mega Drive, Waveshaper and many more! Of course this is completely optional – you can play through the game while listening to its 90s soundtrack, staying true to the original feel of this modern classic, or you can blast through the stages accompanied by some pumping synthwave tunes. Or Even better – why not listening to both?!

The modern soundtrack for Ultracore contains music from 12 different artists, all with their own original tune and creative work.
Click on the button above to listen to the full soundtrack and discover more about the artists and their works.

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